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Recommended Print-on-Demand Services & More

admin - Saturday, 3 July 2010 08:10

I get asked time and time again which services I use the most. Rather than repeatedly answer that question over and over again, I posted a list. Now, keep in mind that some of the things listed there are affiliate links, so I could earn a small commission if you purchase through my link.

However, I did not link to any service I do not use myself.

Check them out:

PressFoo Recommends

Video Marketing: How To Get You ENTIRE Video Viewed

admin - Sunday, 11 April 2010 09:18

How can you get people to watch your entire online video. Frank will reveal this video marketing secret in this quick video marketing tip that he recorded…just for you. If you can’t get people to view your online video from start to finish, then you will not be very effective. Top master video marketers know exactly how to attract visitors, and keep them glued to the video so they can deliver of their persuasive messages in full.

Cafepress, Zazzle, LuLu (& more) Help From

admin - Thursday, 14 January 2010 06:36

Print-on-demand services like Cafepress, LuLu, Zazzle etc are awesome.  And they’re not just awesome because of the print-on-demand services they provide… Oh No!… They’re much more than that.

This blog is going to provide tips, tactics, strategies, and tools that’ll blow your mind… whether you’re a white belt novice at this stuff or a beyond black belt ninja marketer.

As the PressFoo training area gets padded and the tools get sharpened, get your Cafepress, Zazzle, and LuLu questions answered here:

==> PressFoo FAQ Attaq – Ask Me About Print-on-Demand

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Print-on-demand services like LuLu, Cafepress, Zazzle and others are all great services... But they're not set-and-forget. You need to actively drive traffic to them... to market them. is essentially a marketing dojo... a training ground for ninja marketing strategies.


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